JICE’s International Exchange

JICE has created so many opportunities leading to new encounters and excitement, surprise and sympathy, and mutual understanding and self-rediscovery through exchange programs based on a variety of themes and aims.

Program in Japan

Accepting participants from countries and regions around the world, programs will be provided in different parts of Japan. Participants will deepen understanding of Japan through school exchange, homestay and cultural experience.

Program outside Japan

Japanese youths will be dispatched to countries and regions around the world. The delegation will have firsthand experience in people’s life at destinations, be exposed to diverse values and learn relationship between Japan and other countries/regions.

Voices from Participants

You can read the voices of participants in the International Exchange Programs.

Achievements in International Exchange

Since 1984, JICE has accepted more than 95,500 participants of young proffessionals, college students and secondary school students from over 110 countries and regions to Japan, and at the same time has dispatched more than 5,700 Japanese youths to the world. (as of December 2023)(オンライン交流を含む)

Achievements in International Exchange map

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