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Program in Japan


Programs are carried out for about 10 days in different parts of Japan. The overseas delegation gain knowledge of Japan from the various perspectives of cutting-edge technologies that Japan boasts, history/traditional culture, subculture and other aspects, and thereby deepen understanding of Japan. Also, school exchange, homestay, cultural experiences, exchange of views with people of the same profession/generation and regional events allow participants to have a sense of affinity to Japan and to foster friendship and trust.

Example of Delegation’s Schedule
(for 9 Days)

Day 1
Departure from Home Country
Day 2
Arrival / Orientation
To have a clear recognition of the program objectives and understand emergency response to injuries/sickness and disasters.
Day 3
Theme Related Lecture / Observation
To experience traditional culture, historical landmarks, pop culture including animation and fashion, and cutting-edge technologies in Japan's capital, Tokyo.
Day 4
Travel to Local Area / Courtesy Call on Local Government
To have a courtesy call on local goverment with self-awareness as a representative of the home country and learn administrative functions of the local government and fundamentals of public life.
Day 5
Observation / School Exchange
To discover the charm through tours of traditional industries, facilities, historical and cultural experiences. To have a school exchanges and get friendships between students of the same generation.
Day 6
To experience daily life at Japanese ordinary home and thereby deepen understanding of Japan and Japanese people. To live as a family member under the same roof with a host family and build everlasting fiduciary relationship and ties.
Day 7
To share individual findings gained during stay in Japan and prepare an action plan to be implemented back home.
Day 8
Move to Tokyo / Reporting Session
To report and present results of the visit to Japan and the post-program action plan back in Tokyo.
Day 9
After returning home, the delegation will express the true outcome of the program over a long period of time as they grow up. Even back home, they continue to perform voluntary actions based on their "action plan" and are expected to bridge between home country and Japan. To achieve it, JICE will carry out various follow-up activities.

Voice from Participant

I was so moved during this visit to Japan that I couldn’t express my feelings with words. Everything went by in a moment. Any person who has participated in this program says that they have a good impression of Japan. It was very cold in Hokkaido, but I got to know warm-hearted people. The Japanese student who taught me Japanese calligraphy was very friendly. Though I spent very little time with him and there was a language barrier between us, I think our friendship and memory will remain in our heart forever. New land, different culture, everyone’s smile—all these things I experienced in this program are good memories for me.

Interviews with past participants who are active in Japan and around the world are now available on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

JENESYS High school student from Thailand, November 2017

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