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Program outside Japan


High school students, college students and working youth from across Japan will be dispatched abroad for about 10 days. At destinations, the delegation will disseminate cutting-edge technologies that Japan boasts, traditional culture, nature, regional industries, pop culture and other aspects, and thereby enhance people’s interests in Japan.
In addition to that, with experiences in learning relationship between Japan and the destination country, feeling and absorbing many things by observing regional social/economic conditions and people’s life with young sensibility, and finding new friends who co-create the future beyond the border, participants are expected to grow up as future global human resource.

Example of schedule for delegation from Japan
(for 9 days)

Before Departure
Briefing for Program outside Japan
To provide briefing on program objectives and safety management for school officials, students and parents.
Day 1
Pre-departure Orientation / Travel from Japan to the destination country
To reconfirm objectives, points to note for safe stay and other matters with an aim to enrich the program at destinations.
Day 2
Courtesy Call on the Japanese Embassy / Government Ministry & Agency of the Destination Country
To deepen understanding of bilateral relationship and of the destination country, and prepare for dissemination of Japan's presence, strengths and charms based on such understanding.
Day 3
Cultural Exchange / City Tour
To perceive culture, custom and religion of the country by observing a bustling local life in a city and deepen cross-cultural understanding from experience.
Day 4
School Exchange
To visit a school where students of the same generation are studying and make mutual introduction of the country and culture. To build friendship beyond the border through interactions.
Day 5
Homestay / Home Visit
To stay at ordinary home of the destination country and deepen relationship with the host family by experiencing their life-style, and simultaneously provide a chance for local people to have interest in Japan. To communicate and deepen ties with the host family, being puzzled by cultural differences in the beginning, being welcomed by the family members and overcoming language barriers.
Day 6
Field Trip to NPO / ODA Site, Japanese Company
To observe a project site developed by Japan in the destination country and recognize Japan's roles in and contribution to the world community. To understand current situation of Japanese companies, who locally play an active part, and come to realize what the global economy is.
Day 7
To share findings gained through the program and prepare an action plan to be implemented back home.
Day 8
Reporting Session
To report and present results of the visit to the destination country and the post-program action plan.
Day 9
After returning home, in addition to expectation on approaches to execute an action plan, participants are expected to grow up as global human resource for the future, making use of experiences gained from the program.

Voice from Participant

The most impressive thing on the school exchange was the fact that things which are not well-known in Japan are very popular in the U.S.. Before meeting the students I had a plan to show Japanese culture, traditions and our school. Those are what we had been doing research on. However after I faced the real situation, I understood that unilateral communication about Japan is not enough.
Ideally we report about Japan to them, then they should respond to it. After that, we give information based on what they want and how they need it. If they talk about their country or region on top of that, it could be a good way of communication, and I realized that the KAKEHASHI project is the very method I mentioned. I’d like to communicate with my friends to let them know about attractiveness of Japan.

Interviews with past participants who are active in Japan and around the world are now available on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

KAKEHASHI Japanese high school student visited to the U.S., January 2018

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