Partners/Local Governments

Partners/Local Governments

JICE spreads various charms and unique features of Japan to the whole world in cooperation with local governments, schools, and other organizations across the country.

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Voices from Partners

協力者の声 Hokkaido

JENESYS Host School Official

Our Nursing Care and Welfare Service Department has classes aimed at improving skills for communication with and observation of service users. In doing both, we teach students to have smile on their face all the time. Through the exchange with the participants of the program, the students were able to smile naturally and it was a good opportunity for them to think how to be considerate to the service users and how to know what’s in their hearts.

(November 2017)

協力者の声 Osaka

KAKEHASHI Contact person of the receiving company

I caught a glimpse of what current U.S. students think about and where their interests are. By having been able to introduce our company’s global business summary and business development in the U. S., I think that our active contribution to improving both the quality of life and social advancement of the American people has been well understood. I also felt that this type of activities to promote mutual understanding through grassroots movements is growing increasingly important.

(January 2018)

協力者の声 Fukushima

JENESYS Host family

I was happy that the participants were impressed with the beauty of nature. They looked having fun picking apples in the field, the participants repeatedly said, “We have never had such delicious apples before.” This gave me energy to keep working in the cold. Although Fukushima has not fully regained its spirit yet, I had such a good time with them. I treasure the fact that the participants said that they became fans of Fukushima.

(November 2017)

協力者の声 Fukuoka

JENESYS Local government official

In one day we visited the Purification Center, Incineration Plant, and Yahatanishi-Ward Office to observe the operations there, and toured other institutions including Kitakyushu International Association in the eco-city Kita-Kyushu. I think participants could get a general understanding of operations in the local government. I teach waterworks technologies in Hai Phong City, Vietnam, and would be glad to cooperate if asked by other cities.

(September 2017)

協力者の声 Miyagi

KAKEHASHI Contact person of the receiving company

The participants had a keen awareness of the management, culture, recruitment and other issues facing Japanese companies, and they asked me a lot of questions, which greatly inspired me. I believe that my colleagues were also very motivated by the positive and open attitudes of the participants in the KAKEHASHI program. It was impressive that during the group session, each group asked questions proactively, really avoiding any downtime. It was also useful to share information on the situations of both countries (economy, business, technology, culture, etc.) for human resource development, future business ideas for both sides, and the promotion of collaboration.

(March 2018)

協力者の声 Okinawa

KAKEHASHI Host school official

As this was a mutual exchange program, and the exchange had started in the outbound program in the U.S., it was an exchange meeting with a nice atmosphere from start to finish. When the visiting group gave us presentations to introduce their university, our students, by listening directly to a presentation given by native English speaking students, were able to recognize the good and bad points of their own presentations, and gave them a wonderful opportunity for their future study and career.

(March 2018)