132 delegations from 10 ASEAN countries and Timor-Leste visited Japan from Feb.19 to Feb.26 to participate in the JENESYS2018 exchange program. In this program “JENESYS2018 Student Conference”, undergraduate and graduate students not only from 10 ASEAN countries and East Timor but also from Japan gathered under the main theme of “What the Youths in Asian countries can do for realizing Sustainable World”, and they deepened their friendship and knowledge through lectures, observations and discussions in workshops.

All the participants were divided into six groups according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); A : Agriculture, B: Energy, C: Community Design, D: Health, E: Gender and F: Aging society. They had several pre-conference workshops before coming to Japan to share the social problems of each country. After arriving in Japan on 19th of February, they had a chance to hear the lectures by professionals and to visit theme-related organizations to gain the knowledge, and found the solution and action plans of each problem.

Action plans, brought from each group, were wrote up as “Declaration of Action” for realizing the sustainable world, and which became an outcome of this JENESYS2018 Student Conference.

Declaration of Action were submitted*1 by the participants to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan, and will be also submitted to ASEAN Secretariat. Each action plans are expected to be taken actions by the participants in each country in near future.

This program is cooperated with the NPO MIS (Multilateral Interaction with Students) *2 which is an organization managed by the students mainly from the University of Tokyo. The MIS members, as facilitators, has engaged in conducting pre-conference workshops, arrangement of lectures and observations and managing workshops.

*1 the article of Courtesy call on Mr.Norikazu Suzuki, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs. (Japanese)


*2 the NPO MIS is a student-led organization by Japanese students from Tokyo Univ. and other Univ. which aims to develop responsible leaders of the next generation.

(Website: http://misleaders.org/index.html )

◆Summary of a Declaration of Action (PDF)

◆A Declaration of Action (PDF)