As part of the Exchange Program “JENESYS 2018,” 102 students and supervisors from SAARC 8 countries visited Japan from January 21 to January 29, 2019 to participate in the program aimed at learning about Japanese agriculture.

After the participants, which came to Japan under the theme of “Health,” attended a lecture about understanding Japan and observed state-of-art-technology in Tokyo, the participants were separated into groups by country and Group A visited Chiba, Group B Miyagi, and Group C and D Nagasaki. They visited aged-care facilities, a company that develops and manufactures wheelchairs with pedals, the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University, and other facilities related to the theme, had discussions with relevant parties, observed regional industries, and visited local government. Furthermore, they developed a greater goodwill with Japanese people through cultural experiences such as school visits and homestays, and were given the opportunity to directly interact with the appeal of Japan.

Through interacting with Japanese people the participants improve their understanding of Japan and shared their individual interests and experiences via Social Media. Based upon their findings and learning in Japan, each group of participants made a presentation in the final session and reported on the action plans to be taken after returning to their home countries.

Lecture by International Budo University Professor
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Peace Park
Action Plan "JENESYS participants with the help of the respective parent organizations and local governments will create awareness on regular health check-ups and lifestyle changes"