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Intercultural Integration Services /
Japanese Language Education

Focusing on employment, JICE provides Japanese language education,
teacher training, and curriculum and textbook development,
conducting multicultural projects throughout Japan, including
employment support for foreign nationals and support for companies
to provide stable employment opportunities for foreign employees.

For People who Want to Study Japanese

For People who Want to Study Japanese for Work

Japanese for Work
(Training Course for Promoting Stable Employment of Foreign Residents)

Students will learn Japanese used in the workplace, Japanese workplace customs, and how to look for employment in Japan. Practical lessons to prepare for job interviews are also conducted. This course is for those seeking employment. Certain visa status holders are not applicable.

Levels Hours Fee (tax incl.)
Beginner ~ Intermediate 100 hrs. Free

Useful Japanese for Work -Japanese Corporate Culture and Customs-

The aim of these courses is to learn Japanese corporate culture and customs, mindset and manners of people in Japan, while studying the Japanese language and communication skills necessary for working in Japan. There are no visa restrictions. Tuition fee includes textbook costs.

Levels Hours Fee (tax incl.)
Intermediate to Advanced 10-hour course
20-hour course
16,500 JPY
33,000 JPY
Beginner 50-hour course 82,500 JPY

Information on Studying Japanese / Seeking Employment

We provide information for foreign nationals living in Japan from information on learning Japanese, to living and working in Japan.

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