Who we are

Our Social ContributionTowards a New Future of International Cooperation

Supporting Development/ Global Education

JICE dispatches lecturers to educational institutions such as universities, high schools, and junior high schools. Through such programs that provide students with firsthand knowledge to experience and learn about international cooperation, we aim to disseminate knowledge about cross-cultural understanding and international cooperation thereby preparing global human resources through practical exercises and experiences.

Major beneficiaries of our instructor dispatch program

Hokkaido University of Education, Tokyo City University, Komagata Junior High School in Taito Ward, Kaitori Elementary School in Tama City, Narimasugaoka Elementary School in Itabashi Ward, Uenohara Elementary School in Chofu City, Komae Metropolitan High School, Tagara Junior High School in Nerima Ward, Mitaka Secondary School in Tokyo, etc.

Dispatch of lecturers to the "Intercultural Understanding" Course at Hokkaido University of Education

This dispatchment of lecturers, which is part of the cooperation agreement with Hokkaido University of Education, has been established as "Intercultural Understanding (JICE Lectures)" and contributes to the promotion of intercultural understanding among students by introducing and analyzing cultures from around the world based on each lecturer's experiences.

"Global Human Resources and Sustainable Development," a collaborative course between Yokohama National University and JICE

Starting in 2019, JICE has been offering "Global Human Resources and Sustainable Development Courses in collaboration with Yokohama National University . Aiming to improve students' understanding of and ability to cope with the global society, workshops using the Project Cycle Management (PCM) method are conducted. While exploring solutions to familiar issues that correspond to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the course aims to develop the logical thinking, problem-solving, and presentation skills necessary for global human resources. JICE's activities are also introduced during the workshops.

Cooperation for Global Human Resource Development in Tokyo

JICE offers the following two programs to public schools in Tokyo through the Tokyo International Exchange Concierge established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education in FY 2018.

Lectures for International Understanding by International Students (Dispatch of Lecturers)

Foreign students who are studying in Japan (mainly in Master's programs) as a part of ODA are invited to talk about their aspirations to develop their own countries, introduce their own culture and sports, and share their experiences of living in Japan. If the lectures are given in English, JICE staff can accompany the students and provide interpretation.

Lectures for International Understanding by JICE staff (dispatch of lecturers)

JICE invites people of various ages and occupations, including high school students, young adults, government officials, engineers, politicians, and educators, from abroad to participate in international training and exchange programs. The lectures mainly introduce specific culture gaps that arise in such invitation programs and discuss what international understanding is all about through consideration of religion, custom, and culture, etc., which are crucial in international exchange.

Other Initiatives

We share our knowledge and thoughts with the society through our translation services for multiculturalism and by participating in and sponsoring international events.

JICE participates as a Co-Creation Partner in the "TEAM EXPO 2025" Program

In order to help realize the theme of Expo 2010 Osaka-Kansai "Designing a Future Society that Shines with Life" and to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, JICE has become a co-creation partner of the "TEAM EXPO 2025" program, which aims to create an ideal future society together with diverse participants from Japan and abroad. By taking the initiative JICE will make use of its strengths in a variety of activities.

Support for Multicultural City Planning

We provide support for multicultural projects implemented by the member cities of the Conference of Cities with Large Foreign Populations, which promotes efforts to resolve issues in realizing a multiculturally convivial society.

Translation/Interpretation Services for Multicultural Conviviality

To support foreign residents affected by disasters, we provide disaster translation/interpretation services in multilingual and "easy Japanese" to local governments and disaster response headquarters that provide multilingual information.

Exhibiting at and Supporting Various Events

JICE introduces its projects by exhibiting at events and festivals related to international cooperation and international understanding held in various parts of Japan. In addition, JICE is strengthening cooperation with partner institutions and organizations for each of its projects by sponsoring high school speech contests and other events.

Workplace Visits

We accept workplace visits at the request of schools and other organizations as part of their career studies.