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Interpreting Service

Fluent in 31 languages, JICE coordinators draw on their experience in international cooperation to connect people by interpreting beyond what can be put into words, understanding differences in cultural and social backgrounds to interpret the underlying emotions and feelings.

Service Contents

Utilizing 45 years of experience in the field of international cooperation, we support communication at various scenes such as conferences and seminars at public offices and companies, courtesy visits, inspections and technical training.
JICE's interpreting service does not merely interpret words, but strives to be a bridge for smooth communication, taking into account differences in cultural and social backgrounds.
We will provide you with the perfect service and arrange experienced interpreters to meet your needs at reasonable rates.

Domestic Interpretation(consecutive interpretation / simultaneous interpretation),International Accompanying Interpretation(consecutive interpretation / simultaneous interpretation)

  • Conference, Seminar, Video conference, Symposium, VIP courtesy visit
  • Training lecture, Site visit, Dinner party
  • Accompanying, Airport transfer

We add value to Training Courses value to the Training Course

JICE interpreters / coordinators provide interpretation services at the training site, liaise with the persons in charge of the training, facilitate participants’ understanding of the training contents and give advice on their daily life in Japan by making use of the knowledge and know-how they have cultivated through the training coordination work. Though close consultation with the clients, we will make sure that the training effect is maximized to meet the expectation of both the clients and the training participants.

We Support Languages Used Around the World

JICE has coordinators who are specialists in the following 31 languages.

Southeast and East Asia

  • Indonesian
  • Malay
  • Thai
  • Laos
  • Vietnamese
  • Cambodian
  • Myanmar
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Mongolian

Middle East and South Asia

  • Arabic
  • Persian
  • Dali
  • Turkish
  • Bengali
  • Sinhari
  • Nepali
  • Urdu

Africa, Latin America and Europe

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Czech
  • Slovak
  • Bulgarian
  • Serbo Croatian
  • German

Flow of Interpreting Service

  • Contact Us

    We will ask you for the following information
    Language, Type of interpreter (consecutive interpretation / simultaneous interpretation), Business content (conference interpretation, training interpretation), Schedule, Time table, Location, Business field, Visiting person/group (person(s) requiring interpreting service)

  • Quotation

    Based on the content of the required services, we will propose interpreting methods and number of interpreters along with a quotation. We will also start selecting suitable interpreters.

  • Application

    Once you are ready to submit a formal request, you will fill out an application form and submit it to us.

  • Interpreter(s) Confirmed

    We will select suitable interpreters and inform you of their name, etc.

  • Preparation

    Please prepare in advance materials such as scripts, etc. The interpreter(s) will read them as preparation. No matter how experienced our interpreters may be, they need to prepare in advance to provide high quality service. We ask for your cooperation in providing these materials.

  • Interpreting Service Provided

  • Evaluation

    We will ask about the performance of our interpreters. We may also send you aquestionnaire and would appreciate your feedback.

Interpretation Fields

  • Legal development
  • Administration
  • Economy
  • Finance
  • Investment
  • Patents / Intellectual property rights
  • Environment
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock breeding
  • Disaster prevention
  • Sewerage
  • Energy
  • Peacebuilding
  • Mass communication
  • IT technology
  • Disabled care
  • Medical care
  • Education
  • Machinery etc.

Please consult us about other fields as well.

Past Interpretations

  • Technical training interpreter
  • International exchange project interpreter
  • President and ministerial level talks interpreter
  • Conference interpreter ※
  • Interpreting for VIPs during domestic inspections, courtesy calls, etc.
  • University seminar interpreter
  • Symposium · Forum · Seminar interpreter
  • Accompanying interpreter for research
  • Accompanying interpreter for interviews
  • Moderator interpreter

※ Interpretation services for courtesy calls and meetings with high-level officials of various countries, TICAD-related projects etc.

Voices from Customers

  • The interpretation skills, communication skills and ability to build rapport with the participants were excellent. Thanks to them, the seminar was a fulfilling experience.

  • The interpreting provided at the dinner in question was wonderful. The wording, tone, and even timing was perfect, making it a very elegant event.

  • Not only did the interpreter have great interpreting skills, but their personality was also amazing. I was able to confidently rely on their interpreting.

  • The content was highly specialized, but thanks to the accurate interpretation, it was easy for us to understand. I would like to work with them again if the opportunity arises in the future.

  • The interpreter was not only able to provide high level explanations for the participants that could speak good English, but was also able provide detailed interpretations for participants not as confident with their English skills, using illustrations and other means to help everybody understand.

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