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Flow of Training Program Planning

Flow of Training Program Planning

The training program is planned in accordance with the following chart.

  1. Needs Confirmation
  2. Program
  3. Proposal/
  4. Decision/
  5. Program Development

1. Needs Confirmation :

Through the meeting, we will make sure issues to be solved, expected output, number of participants, duration of the training and the budget.
We will ask the partners and clients to fill from the "JICE Training Program Requirement Sheet" in advance.

JICE Training Program Requirement Sheet (1MB)
※For inquiries regarding this sheet, please contact us.

2. Program Planning :

Based on the information provided in the Requirement Sheet, we will start planning. The training program consists lectures, interactive discussions, case studies, site visits and workshops, etc. JICE will select appropriately the training institution from a variety of choices such as government agencies, universities, research institutions, local governments, think tanks and private companies.

3. Proposal/Quotation :

After finalizing the training contents, we will present the training program proposal to the partners and clients for confirmation. Price quotation is also submitted at the same time. if necessary, a review meeting will be proposed to make any adjustment of the contents.

4. Decision/Contract

After agreement on the contents and the price of the program by the partners and clients, both parties will sign the contract.

5. Program Development

We are proud of developing the most appropriate training program based on the contents agreed by the partners and clients. Based on 40 years of experience and a wide range of networks, JICE will offer high quality learning and knowledge resource by bringing in expertise from across public and private sectors in Japan.

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