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Potluck Party for JDS Fellows at JICE Headquarters

More than two regions International Student Service

On February 26th, JICE organized a potluck party for JDS Fellows at JICE Headquarters. (*“JDS” stands for “Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship”. For details, please see http://jds-scholarship.org/ )
The office was full of joy with more than 60 JDS Fellows and dishes of various countries prepared by them. JDS Fellows from the Philippines also volunteered to have a wonderful performance of their traditional dance.
It was a good opportunity for the JDS Fellows to communicate with those from other countries and universities. At the same time, we were happy to see that they were having precious academic life and enjoying their daily life in Japan as well.
We are looking forward to having another opportunity which can contribute to their fruitful study in Japan.

Nao Hokiguchi, Yuka Torii
International Students Division
International Student Affairs Department

potluckparty01.png potluckparty02.png
Various country foods brought by JDS Fellows Writing the name of the dishes and the country
potluckparty03.png potluckparty04.png
JDS Fellows from Philippines performed traditional dance called “Subli” JDS Fellows and JICE staffs watching the dance
potluckparty05.png potluckparty06.png
Myanmar JDS Fellows in their national costume Enjoyed conversation over the delicious country dishes
potluckparty07.png potluckparty08.png
JDS Fellows and JICE staffs enjoying dishes together Reunion of JDS Fellows from different universities
potluckparty09.png potluckparty10.png
Chinese JDS Fellows with JICE staffs We spent wonderful time together with big smiles

More than 60 JDS Fellows from 10 Universities around Tokyo got together and had a good time.