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IIE official visited JICE

North America International Student Service

Ms. Peggy Blumenthal, Senior Counselor to the President, Institute of International Education(IIE*), the world's largest and most experienced international education and training organizations, visited JICE on May 20th, 2014. We introduced the organizations each other, and discussed the possibility of developing the relationship between IIE and JICE in the future. Taking this opportunity, JICE will build up the relationship and develop our Human Resource Development Programs.

Introduction of JICE
With Ms. Peggy Blumenthal
【From left】(downside)Mr. Takashi Akao, Deputy Director, International Students Division,
(upside)Mr. Erito Uchiyama, Senior Assistant to the Managing Director, International Exchange Department, Ms. Peggy,  Ms. Sachiko Yamano, President of JICE, Ms. Masako Kishimoto, Vice President of JICE, Ms. Maki Saito, Deputy Director, International Students Division, Mr. Hiroshi Kawagoe, Director, Personnel Division, Mr. Takahiro Sekiguchi, General Affairs Division

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Takahiro Sekiguchi
General Affairs Division,
General Affairs Department