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2014 SJAHI Junior Instructor Training Program / SJAHI Management & Administration Training Program

Middle East Project Management Service

JICE has organized two training programs; Saudi Japanese Automobile High Institute (SJAHI (*1)) junior instructor training program from September 18th to December 11th 2014, and SJAHI management & administration training program from November 6th to December 11th 2014.

Three participants of SJAHI junior instructor training program took lectures of business manner, Japanese culture and language, and the report writing at JICE headquarters, then moved to Toyota Technical College Tokyo for learning teaching methods. They accordingly visited six different Japanese leading automobile manufacturers. SJAHI junior instructors received training at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED, Mazda Motor Corporation, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. They learned the techniques of automobile mechanic and unique features of each automobile manufacturer.

Briefing orientation at JICE headquarters
Training at Toyota Technical College Tokyo
Training at automobile manufacture(1)
Training at automobile manufacture(2)

On the other hand, SJAHI management and administration training program is focused on the method of school management, test and evaluation system, establishment of curriculum, and improvement of leadership in order to develop human resources who can contribute to enhancement of SJAHI's self-sustaining operation and management. Four participants from SJAHI joined this program.

Visiting Yomiuri College of Car Mechanic
Training at Nippon Engineering College of Hachioji (NEEC)
Training at Nagoya TOYOPET
Training at Toyota Technical College Nagoya

As a closing of these two programs, JICE held the final report meeting/farewell party with inviting guests involved in the programs. Each of SJAHI participants gave a presentation about what they learned in these training programs and their action plan at this meeting/party. They were very eager to practice techniques and knowledge which they acquired through these training programs when they go back to SJAHI.

Report meeting(1)
Report meeting(2)
Group photo of farewell party
Participants, guests involved in the program and JICE staff

* SJAHI was established in September 2002 based on the cooperation between public and private enterprise of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Japan (Japanese side: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and JAMA) by the request of the Government of Saudi Arabia. After the cooperation by JICA completed in 2009, JICE was assigned as an implementing organization of Japanese side from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and has organized the training programs in Japan, dispatch of long term experts, provisions of equipment and materials since the assignment.

Kaoru Hatamochi
Overseas Cooperation Division
International Training Department