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JICE co-hosts “Japan-China Medical Review and Exchange Meeting”

China International Participant Training More than two Categories

 “Japan-China Medical Review and Exchange Meeting” was held in Jiangsu Province on July 18, 2015 with the co-sponsorship of JICE and Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning.

 This meeting was a culmination of three years of extensive training of Chinese medical doctors at the leading hospitals in Japan staring from 2012 which was designed and administered by JICE. The meeting kicked off with the greetings by Dr. Zhang Ke Zhong, Department of Neurology, Jiangsu Provincial Hospital representing 39 Chinese medical doctors who studied in Japan, Professor Yoshiro Uezuka, Tokyo Women’s Medical University representing the host institutions in Japan, Ms. Masako Kishimoto, Senior Vice President of JICE and other distinguished quests.

 It was followed by special lectures delivered by the eight Japanese participants from Tokyo Women’s University, National Cancer Center Hospital, Tottori University Hospital and Nagasaki University Hospital.

 This meeting was also significant in the sense that leading Chinese and Japanese doctors in the fields of cancer and sleep apnea syndrome exchanged their views and clinical experiences in such an active and frank manner that the expectation for further Japan-China collaboration in these fields was shared among the participants.

 Looking forward, JICE will be committed to contributing to the globalization and further progress of medical technologies of China.