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Training Course for Promoting Stable Employment of Foreign Residents in FY2015 has been completed on March 18.

More than two regions Multiculturarism Promotion Service

 4,106 foreign residents from 79 countries including Brazil, Philippine, Peru, and China, participated this year at 84 areas in 15 prefectures.
 The participants from various countries with various backgrounds studied diligently to improve Japanese communication skills and acquire knowledge such as labor-related laws, regulations and common practices at work for their steady life in Japan.
 JICE will carry on the Training Course in FY2016 to support many foreign residents.

Attendants of the Closing Ceremony
 (From the second right, front row) Ms. Makiko KAMATA, Japanese teacher,
Mr. Naomichi Uchida, Director of International Training Dept.,
Ms Sachiko YAMANO, the President of JICE,
Mr. Takashi OKUBO, General Manager of Shinjuku Foreigners’ Employment Assistance and Guidance Center, Shinjuku Public Employment Security Office,
Mr. Yuki HARADA, Legal Unit Chief of Foreigners Training Promotion office, Overseas Cooperation Division, Human Resource Development Bureau, MHLW