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Lecture by Principal Naranbayar of Shine Mongol School

Asia International Student Service

On May 20, Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) organized a lecture titled “Sharing knowledge and experience of Japan”, by Dr. P. Naranbayar (Ph.D. in international politics), Principal of Shine Mongol School. The lecture was organized to identify Japan’s advantages from the view point of Dr. Naranbayar who was born in Mongolia and obtained his Master’s degree at Kyoto University, Japan, and has a detailed knowledge on Japanese history and culture.
Dr. Naranbayar pointed out the Japanese experience in Meiji era to become the first constitutional nation in Asia and the importance of peace education after the World War II. In addition, he also referred to his Shine Mongol School that has applied the Japanese education system.
Dr. Naranbayar concluded the lecture with three important factors to produce real great leaders: (1) to have good teachers, (2) to have good books, (3) to grow up in a beautiful natural environment. He defined leaders as those who can work for others, and mentioned the importance of character formation through social activities. The lecture has provided the opportunity to recognize characteristics of Japanese history and to learn from the activities of Shine Mongol School which aims to educate students who have intelligence, healthy body and cordiality.
JICE will further build a strong cooperative relationship with Shine Mongol School which shares the mission to endeavor to build a better society through education and human resource development.

Dr. Naranbayar raised questions to involve the participants during the lecture.
A number of JICE staff members attended the lecture.