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JICE to Send Engineering Students to Brazil to Participate in the Robotics Contest

Latin America International Youth Exchange

Large-scale changes are transforming the world. They include robots and other forms of artificial intelligence taking jobs on widespread scale. Young students are particularly keen on this trend.

JICE will send nine engineering students from Sendai National College of Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tokyo Denki University to participate in the “Latin American and Brazilian Robotics Competition 2016” to be held in Recife, a Brazilian port town from October 6 to October 16.

This visit program will be organized as part of “Juntos !! “, which is a people-to-people exchange program between Japan and Latin America and the Caribbean intended to encourage an understanding of Japan's economy, society, technology, history, diverse culture, politics and diplomatic relations among the young participants on both sides.

The program title “Juntos !!”, literally meaning “together” in Spanish and Portuguese, was inspired by the Prime Minister Abe’s speech made during his visit to Latin America in 2014*. “Juntos !!” is part of the Japan Friendship Ties Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It started in 2015 and its implementation has been entrusted to JICE in the same way as those for other regions such as Asia, Europe and the United States.

Please stay tuned for further report on this Japan-Brazil program.

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…By doing so, what is it that Japan aspires to…with Brazil, with Latin America and the Caribbean.
Summarizing them into three parts, in Portuguese, or rather, in my humble Portuguese, they are: Progredir juntos (progress together), Liderar juntos (lead together) and Inspirar juntos (inspire together).
I call these "juntos" the "three guiding principles".
From here on, as Japan infinitely deepens its cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean, these are the principles that will constantly guide us. …