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Post-Arrival Orientation for JDS Fellows 2017

Asia International Student Service

JICE conducted a post-arrival orientation program for the 2017 JDS Fellows in order to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture, custom, society and economy in two times; from August 28th to September 1st and from September 4th to September 8th.

JICE accepts international students mainly from Asia and Africa every year since the Japanese Government’s launch of the JDS program in 1999. This year, 245 JDS Fellows from 11 countries arrived in Japan through August into September. The JDS program targets mainly government officials responsible for planning and implementation of social and economic policies. This year’s JDS fellows have just begun their academic life at respective universities from this autumn to obtain a Master’s Degree.

The post-arrival orientation program consisted of (1)JDS program guidance, (2)selected lectures on Japanese society and culture, government policies and administration, Japanese Experience of its own economic development, (3)workshop on cross cultural understanding, (4)leadership training, (5)Japanese language course, and (6)safety management training with an aim to enrich the Fellows’ life while in Japan. As part of the JDS program guidance, Mr. Eiichiro Cho, Director General, Financial Cooperation Implementation Department, JICA, gave a presentation on the notable characteristics of the JDS program and expressed his expectation to the participating Fellows.

Tachikawa Life Safety Learning Center
Lecture on “The Japanese Experience of its Economic Development”
Experiencing calligraphy
(Japanese Language Course)
“Workshop on Cross Cultural Understanding”

Welcome reception was also held on September 4th, with attendance of more than 400 participants from the Embassies, concerned government ministries, and accepting universities. The reception began by the welcome addresses from Ms. Noriko SUZUKI, Senior Vice President of JICA, and Mr. Minoru MASUJIMA, Deputy Director General, International Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs respectively. It featured “yosakoi”, a unique style of traditional Japanese dance performed at festivals and events. The reception ended with a warm message from Masahisa KOYAMA, Dean and Professor, Graduate School of International Relations, Ritsumeikan University.

It is our hope that the orientation program and reception could have helped the newly arrived JDS Fellows to develop a solidarity among themselves and with the Japanese stakeholders with a view to further enhancing the effectiveness of the JDS program.

Welcome Reception(1)
Welcome Reception(2)

JICE will be committed to support the Fellows with a full range of unparalleled services to make their life in Japan rewarding and fulfilling.

Shintaro Machida (Mr.) / Shiho Idogawa (Ms.)
International Student Programs Division
International Student Programs Department Ⅰ