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JICE Signs Cooperation Agreement with Ibaraki University

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On April 11, 2018, JICE concluded a Cooperation Agreement with Ibaraki University, a national university in Ibaraki Prefecture. The two institutions have been engaged in various joint ventures such as holding a lecture by the university’s chief of unit for regional vitalization, joint application for Employment Promotion Program for Foreign Students sponsored by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports , Science and Technology, and dispatch of the university’s students to overseas exchange program hosted by JICE.

The collusion of the bilateral agreement will further enhance cooperation between JICE and Ibaraki University in the areas of career development and raising employability of foreign students of the university and strengthening international networks of the university and the students.

Right: Mr. Nobuo Mimura, President, Ibaraki University
Left: Ms Masako Kishimoto, Vice President/Chief Contracting Officer, JICE

From Center to left: Mr.Mimura; Mr.Hiroyuki Ohta,Vice President; Ms.Yoko Nishikawa Ph.D., Chief of Carrere Development Center Unit; Mr.Koiso Shigetaka,Instructor of Carrere Development Center Unit; Mr.Takato Koizumi, Assistant to the Director of Carrere Development Center Unit, Ibaraki University

From Center to right: Ms.Kishimoto,Vice President; Mr.Atsushi Tsutsumi, Director of General Affairs Department; Ms.Yukako Ooka, Senior Assistant to the Director of General Affairs Department; Ms.Hidemi Omae, International Student Programs DepartmentII, JICE