Who we are

On March 25, 1977, JICE was created in line with the policy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and JICA to strengthen private sector roles and functions in the management of ODA projects implemented by JICA. Currently, JICE is engaged in a wide range of activities aimed at nurturing human resources across all regions and countries of the world such as managing scholarships for study at higher educational institutions in Japan, conducting international participant training, hosting youth exchange programs, providing Japanese language education and developing its teaching materials and dispatching interpreters covering multiple languages. Built on 40 years of experience and achievements as a group of professionals in HRD, we will make further endeavor towards creating a peaceful and prosperous international community.

Message from the President

YOSHIDA Kozo (Mr.)
Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE)
Picture of the President YOSHIDA Kozo

The Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE), a General Incorporated Foundation, was originally established as “Japan International Cooperation Service Center”, a foundation, in March 1977. On the occasion of changing the status to a general incorporated foundation in April 2013, JICE has set an objective of “contributing to the development of the global society through activities pertaining to strengthening mutually beneficial relationships between Japan and other nations”. Since then, JICE has been committed to human resources development with a view to contributing to Japan’s international cooperation activities by implementing “International Student Service”, “International Participant Training”, “International Youth Exchange, and “Multiculturalism Promotion Service” along with “Japanese Language Education”, conducted domestically.

About JICE

As a Group of Professionals in HRD

Built on more than 40 years of achievements in training and preparing future government leaders of the partner countries through sharing technologies, knowledge and experiences from across Japan, we move forward to promote international cooperation and exchange by further linking Japanese knowledge with the world with a belief that it will contribute to the creation of a peaceful and prosperous global society.

How we work

Project Management ~ Our way of Working

Our Mission Statement

We, as a professional group in human resources development, empower people to solve national and global challenges as we strive to create a peaceful and prosperous world through exchange of ideas and knowledge.