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Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences “Training Program for Modern Gardening Technique”

China International Participant Training

 9 members including Mr. Yu Wen Gui, Vice Principal of the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, stayed in Japan and visited concerned organizations to learn about Japan’s cutting-edge gardening technique from September 7th through September 20th 2012.

 This is the first training program that has been filed through the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as “China”) after JICE was granted a license for overseas training from the Administration in November 2011.

 In this training program, they studied agricultural policy in Japan, the changes and adjustments of policies, and the structure of Agricultural Cooperative Association. They also visited various places where they could deepen the understanding of Japan’s Agriculture, and inspected the research of the variety of agricultural products, advanced agricultural facility, eco-friendly agriculture to reduce burden on the environment, all of which could lead to solving the problem on agriculture in Jiangsu Province. Other than the quality improvements of flowers, fruits and vegetables, the participants were interested in the labor-saving cultivating techniques, which could apply to aging farmers, as China would have an aging society in the future.

 They also exchanged views about the research that was being made at Universities, Technical Centers and private companies, and about the methods of how to train researchers and farmers.

 All the facilities that they visited greeted us with warm welcome, and this grass-roots activity was very meaningful. JICE is hoping that this program will lead to mutual exchange and development in the field of agriculture in both countries.

Yukari Iizuka (Ms.)
Director, Hokkaido Office

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Orientation program by JICE Direct Sales Depot at Farm Park of Ito/
A person asking a question about the package
nougei03.jpg nougei04.jpg
Observing the seedling at Snow Brand Seed Co.Ltd. Agricultural Lab in Fukuoka Prefecture/
Inspecting the Ultra-Low Height Cultivation of Persimmon
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Inspecting the Fertilizing Facility of Kuriyama-Town, Hokkaido Prefecture Inspecting the facility for hydroponics of green vegetables
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Inspecting the current system at the Ota Market,Tokyo Inspecting the Laboratory built by the Plant Factory