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Potluck Party for International Students at JICE Headquarters

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JICE held a potluck party for international students who live in Tokyo area under JICE’s support on December 22nd, 2014. On the day of the event, the venue was full of delightful atmosphere and meals of various countries presented by participants. It was our first joint party across the six different projects (see below), which provided an opportunity for international students to network with new people outside their own project. The party was also a good chance for them to refresh themselves out of the busy days of studies and lives in Japan, and build up trustful relations with JICE staffs.

JICE would like to continue to support the international students for their fruitful lives in Japan.

※Projects and numbers of participants


Japanese Grand Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship(JDS) 30 10 7
The Project for the Promotion and Enhancement of the Afghan Capacity for Effective Development(PEACE) 14 1 5
The African Business Education Initiative for Youth(ABE initiative) 13 4 9
Japan Human Resource Development Scholarship for Chinese Young Leaders (JDS China) 11 1 3
Other projects(2 projects) 5 4 2

International Students Division
International Student Affairs Department

party001.JPG party002.JPG
National dance performed by students from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan

party003.JPG party004.JPG
JDS China Fellows with JICE staffs JDS Kyrgyz Fellows with JICE staffs
party005.JPG party006.JPG
We shared delightful moments with exotic foods brought by international students
party007.JPG party008.JPG
We made a circle and danced to the Christmas song sung by JDS Philippine students.
party009.jpg We had a nice time together with more than 70 students from 18 countries and 16 universities who live in Tokyo area.