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Towards Improvement of Jakarta’s Sewage System

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JICE Conducted the Training Program for Indonesian Sewage System Administrators and Engineers with an Eye on Use of Japanese Companies’ Technologies and Products

JICE conducted the training program in the maintenance, operation and management of sewage facilities for the four delegates from PD-PAL Jaya, Jakarta City’s sewage corporation from July 22nd to July 28th, 2018.

This training program was designed as part of the Knowledge Co-Creation Program of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) aimed at creating new knowledge through training and collaboration in Japan between Japanese private companies and developing county institutions. The visiting Indonesian sewage engineers are engaged, as counter-parts, in the Feasibility Survey for Micro tunneling Technology of Small Diameter Pipe of Sewer Branch and Sewer Network in Indonesia conducted by the consortium of Sanwa Kizai Co. (Tokyo), Chiken Co. (Aichi Pref.) and JICE with the funding from JICA under the facility called “JICA Feasibility Study for the Private Sector for Utilizing Japanese Technologies in ODA Project” whose purpose is to provide business solutions to the development challenges of the partner countries through adopting and utilizing technologies, products, and knowledge of Japanese Small and Medium Enterprises. JICE plays a pivotal role in promoting JICA facility by fully utilizing its public and private networks both at home and abroad.

A tour of a facility at Sanwa Kizai Chiba Office; Mr. Ismet(left) ; Mr. Endriyanto(rightmost) ; Yukio Yamada ,Assistant Manager, Sanwa Kizai Co.(2nd from right)

Providing Business Solutions to Jakarta’s Sewage Problems

Wastewater management and drainage are serious problems in Jakarta due to the extremely low coverage rate (4%) of sewerage systems. Specially, in Jakarta, small diameter (under 400mm) sewage pipes have to be installed in more than 6 meter deep underground under narrow roads without affecting the surface traffic while keeping clear of the objects buried underground such as electric wires, communication lines, and gas pipes. Japan has constructed and maintained sewerage systems for over 40 years under the similar conditions, and its SMEs shave developed and improved unique technologies and products to meet such difficult requirements. It is why JICE approached to the two companies mentioned above for solutions to the problems Jakarta is now facing. The purpose of the Feasibility Study is to investigate compatibility of the two Japanese SMEs’ technology and products in solving the problems and the feasibility to developing new business in this sector.

Stimulating Indonesian Engineers through Training and Interaction

PD PAL Jaya, the potential beneficiary of this survey, was established to provide sewerage service in Jakarta. Their duty is to maintain small-diameter pipelines of commercial buildings and households, to operate sewerage facilities and drain pipes, and to collect fees. The four delegates from the corporation were exposed to the related technologies and products in Japan and also learned about Japan’s experiences and knowledge regarding management, operation, and maintenance with the cooperation of the related Government ministries and local governments of Japan. The training participants traveled across Japan from Tokyo to Kyuushuu, third largest island of Japan located south west of the main island visiting and observing related companies, institutions and plants. During the stay in japan, the Indonesian counterparts actively engaged in the training program asking many questions regarding practical work.

Exchanging opinions at Sanwa Kizai Head Office; Mr. Hidayat Sigit Suryanto, President, PD PAL Jaya (leftmost); Mr. Dede Sudewa (2nd from left); Susumu Tsuchiya, Senior Business Manager, JICE

Way Forward

Moving forward, JICE will make the best use of the results of this training program in Japan and the on-going feasibility survey in Indonesia to help improve sewerage operation and management in Jakarta and as well as to facilitate our partners; Sanwa Kizai Co. and Chiken Co. to develop their businesses in the new markets.

Kei Kizuki(MS.)

Business Development Department

Crossed from Kyushu to Shimonoseki by the ship. From left to right: Mr. Ismet; Mr. Hidayat Sigit Suryanto