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~Towards promoting international exchange at the sectoral level~ JICE Conducted a Joint Leaning Program with MOJ for JDS Fellows in the Legal and Judicial Sector

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JICE conducted a joint learning program with Ministry of Justice (MOJ) on 12th December, 2019. 15 JDS Fellows in the legal and judicial sector visited MOJ and International Justice Center of MOJ. This program was the second one following last year with the cooperation of the International Affairs Division of the Minister’s Secretariat in MOJ.

The purpose of this program was to provide an opportunity for JDS Fellows to deepen their understanding of the Japanese legal system and the support for development of legal system for developing countries, and use their relevant knowledge and experience to solve issues in each country. It was also aimed to create good relations between countries of JDS fellows and Japan by international exchange of JDS fellows and MOJ Japanese staff.

This program was structured into two parts. In the morning session, JDS Fellows visited Ministry of Justice Museum in MOJ and were briefed about the organizational structure and duties of MOJ as well as the outline of the 14th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (“the Kyoto Congress”), one of the biggest conferences in the field of justice to be held in Kyoto in April 2020.

In the afternoon, JDS Fellows moved to the International Justice Center of MOJ to deepen understanding of the Japanese court system, the support for development of legal system to other countries and the outline of United Nations Asia and Far East Institute (UNAFEI). All JDS Fellows listened carefully to the explanations during the lecture and asked highly specialized questions to MOJ staff.

Here are some of the comments from the participating JDS Fellows;

-It’s really great opportunity to compare the organization structure and duties of MOJ between my country and Japan. (Cambodia)

-I consider the role of MOJ can make a substantial contribution to develop better society. (Vietnam)

JICE will continue to commit to promote sectoral cooperation at the international level between JDS Fellows and the relevant Japanese Government officials as in this program.

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Discussing the exhibit in Ministry of Justice Museum in MOJ
Lecture in MOJ
JDS Fellows actively ask question to staff
Commemorative photo with staff of the International Justice Center