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JICE hosts Stress Management & Relaxation Seminar!

Asia International Student Service

 On February 4 and 5, 2021, JICE hosted “Stress Management & Relaxation Seminar” for international students from various scholarship programs that JICE administers, and within the two days session in total more than 230 students participated.

 Due to the spread of COVID-19, our lifestyle has dramatically changed and we are exposed to more stressful and insecure circumstances than ever before. Living in such uncertainties, stress management is essential part of our life especially when studying abroad and being apart from the loved ones. This seminar was held in the purpose to provide the basic knowledge on stress mechanism, and practice methods to relieve stress and relax in a daily life.

 In the seminar, hosted by JICE for the first time, WATANABE Mariko, certified clinical psychologist, gave a lecture on how the stress is built up and can be reduced, introducing practical exercise such as stretching and breathing methods.

 A participant commented “this lecture systematically provided us how to accept and deal with stress arising from the exam and self-quarantine”. Others noted “I understood the importance of hearing the voices from my body and also the heart. I felt profoundly relaxed after this seminar for the first time in a long time”.

 JICE determines to support continuously for all the scholars to pursue their potentials and be able to spend fruitful life in Japan even in the age of the New Normal.

     FUKUSHIMA Akari
International Students Division, International Student Program Department 1

Group Photo of participants and Certified Clinical Psychologist Ms.WATANABE Mariko (at top left of photo)
Participants seems much more relaxed than before the seminar.