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336 JDS Fellows gather online for the Pre-Return Program FY2020

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336 JDS Fellows from 16 countries gathered at JDS’s first ever virtual pre-return program from March 4 to 12, 2021. JDS Fellows reaffirmed their missions and leadership role in the advancement of the respective countries and shared aspirations in leading their countries towards a better future after returning home.

TANIGUCHI Tomohiko, Professor of Keio University and former Special Adviser to Prime Minister ABE Shinzo's Cabinet, delivered the keynote speech on Japan’s constraints and opportunities from the viewpoints of geopolitics and demography. JDS Fellows mostly from public service learned from the Japan’s case and to think about their own country by reviewing the points raised by Dr. Taniguchi.

NAKAMURA Tomoya, Professor from GLOBIS University, introduced Japanese leadership style with a case study of sustainable business model. JDS Fellows had an opportunity to imagine their leadership role back in their home country.

JDS Fellows shared ideas with peers, joining themed networking sessions. The themes included sustainable development goals, career planning and post-JDS activities.

Here are some comments from JDS Fellows at the end of the program on the last day.

“Lectured provided by professors were very insightful and useful for all of JDS Fellows. They were all fruitful and comprehensive (Cambodia)”, “It was a great way to provide us more ideas to think forward what we should do after return to home country (Timor-Leste)”, “All the sessions were important and such network will be effective to show excellent performance in the future. (Bangladesh)”

Looking forward, JICE will continue to support not only for their academic achievements but also for their post-JDS activities to challenge and change the world for good.

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JDS Fellows by sector group discussed
and made action plan to achieve the SDGs.
JDS Fellows shared ideas and views on the Japanese leadership style in the workshop led by Prof. Nakamura.
Exchanging views with Dr. Taniguchi.
JDS Fellows reflected on the whole program and shared hopes towards their final days in Japan.