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“Study in Japan Promotion Seminar” and “Food Loss and Waste Reduction Workshop ” held in the UAE.

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On Friday, March 8, 2024, JICE held an event in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the first cohort of the Youth Ambassadors Program Japan  (YAP JAPAN), which is a cooperation program with the Crown Prince's Court of Abu Dhabi (currently the Presidential Court to support UAE students wishing  to study in Japan, with the aim of fostering young people who will become a bridge between the UAE and Japan. 

This event consisted of two parts: an informative seminar on studying in Japan and a workshop to raise awareness of food loss and waste reduction. 

In the first half of the event, students who have studied in Japan shared their own experiences of living and learning in Japan. This was followed by a lecture by Mr. OKI Yutaroh, Specially Appointed Associate Professor at Kyushu University's J-MENA Office, on the necessary preparation for entering a Master's or doctoral program in Japan.  

The participants gained valuable information from the speakers and renewed their desire to attend graduate school in Japan. 

In the second half of the event, a sushi roll activity was conducted in cooperation with Summit Trading Company L.L.C. (Summit) to make the participants experience Japanese culture and raise awareness about food loss and waste reduction. At the beginning of the workshop, H.E. Ms. Khuloud Al Nuwais, Secretary General of ne'ma, the UAE’s National Food Loss and Waste Initiative, took the stage and spoke about the importance of the efforts to reduce food loss and waste. Then, Mr. OHKUBO Shiro, Summit representative, introduced familiar methods to reduce food loss and waste, such as using out of spec sized or uneven shaped vegetables that are often discarded at the market and remaking leftovers instead of throwing them away.  For the sushi roll experience, Arabic dishes such as kebabs, falafel, also out of spec sized cucumbers were used as ingredients. The participants made sushi rolls with their own choice of ingredients. It was a great opportunity for the participants to experience Japanese food culture, learn how to reduce food loss and waste, and raise their awareness of environmental protection. 

Looking forward, JICE will continue to cooperate with the relevant organizations in the UAE and engage in various activities to cement the friendly relationship between the UAE and Japan. 

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Presentation by Mr. Dhaen Aldaboos, YAP JAPAN 1st year student currently studying for his master's degree at Kyushu University
Speech about her experience of studying in Japan by Ms. Zahra Salman
Sushi roll workshop scene (1)
Sushi roll workshop scene (2)