Web accessibility policy

JICE Web Accessibility Policy

We are committed to making accessible for all users including senior citizens and disabled people information and resources that are available via our Website in accordance with the policy described hereunder.


All pages of our official Website (https://www.jice.org/) excluding past news from 06/2008 to 12/2017 and International Exchange Program Special Site(https://www.jice.org/exchange/ *Open page in new window) and Multiculturarism Support Service Site(http://sv2.jice.org/e/tabunka_kenshu/tabunka_gaiyo.htm *Open page in new window)

Target Date for Achievement

June 2018

Target Grade

We aim to conform to the “A” Level of the 2016 version of JIS X 8341-3 established by Web Accessibility Infrastructure Committee. There are three levels in the JIS standard: A, AA and AAA. Different levels may be certified to each page. However, the Committee permits the inspector to certify conformity to a certain level of the 2016 version of JIS X 8341-3 uniformly based on the overall evaluation of the entire pages.

For more details, please refer to: http://waic.jp/docs/jis2016/compliance-guidelines/201603/ (Japanese only / Open page in new window)


We may occasionally provide information in the PDF files for convenience and security reasons. Due to technical difficulties, the data and information contained in the PDF files are not subject to this policy. However, we will publish on the web format as much data and information as possible that are important to disabled users.

Certificate of Inspection

It is certified that all the pages of our Website under the scope above have been certified to conform to the “A” Level of the 2016 version of JIS X 8341-3. For the certificate of inspection, please refer to: